iDCmini, Cost Effective Way in Office & Server Room Relocation

The current situation certainly is impacting every organization. Most of the organizations are struggling to find ways in reducing operating costs as much as possible. Some might consider relocation to a less costly office or even re-engineering its server room to save more office spaces. No matter what your plan is, our expertise can work together with you to reach your IT infrastructure goal.

One of the clients in the financial industry has just relocated its office to a smaller office area with less costly rent. Since the office area is smaller than the previous one, every department is fighting for their own department area. Our iDCmini family is a great help in this case. They chose to use our iDCmini – silent version and placed in a general office area without the need of building a new server room.

iDCmini is a series of all-in-one datacenter solution. A single lockable rack contains all the necessary equipment including UPS, cooling, fire suppression and monitoring system.

Other benefits include
● Cost and space saving: No need to build a proper server room and save the cost in decoration
● Fast deployment: Only take a few days’ work at site
● Full Protection: Dust and waterproof
● Highly mobile: Easy to move to new site
● Green: Can be reused in new site
● Fulfill IT audit
● Up to 75% energy saving (pay less for your electricity bill)

We also provide other services including structure cabling, IT consulting service, network infrastructure and maintenance work.

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