How secure is your server rack?

It is commonly known that datacenter or server room security is a big issue to publicly and privately owned organizations. Given a number of in-house staff and external vendors passing through the datacenter/server room on a daily basis, poor rack level security creates unnecessary risk.

It is clearly important to introduce rack level security. Strong security measures are essential to protect your critical equipment, data but also your company reputation. Our iDC SmartRack is an intelligent single rack designed for datacenter/server room where remote monitoring inside the server rack is essential. It is generally embedded with an iPDU, thermal sensor, iDC Controller and iDCIM software. You can remotely monitor the environmental conditions, power load and door condition for security and hence manage your server rack properly.

Some of the highlights
● Centralized map view to manage & monitor the environmental situation for the multiple site
● Easy set up & configure with existing datacenter’s equipment
● Availability of Security Management tools for access log status
● Availability of remote log-in console for the environmental situation of your datacenter
● Fast deployment with seamless service interruption

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