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BACHMANN, founded in 1947, is an owner-managed company with a global presence in the electrical engineering sector. Based in Stuttgart, the BACHMANN Group develops, produces and markets innovative electrical components and systems such as intelligent power distribution units, desk connection panels and assemblies.

70 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing power distribution solutions: true to this history, BACHMANN is synonymous with high-quality and innovative electronics and high measuring accuracy, packaged in extremely robust aluminium housings. BACHMANN offers an intelligent and modular product range that maximizes IT availability and electrical safety. Detecting residual currents at early stages and preventing downtimes, the RCM (residual current monitoring) technology provides solutions for predictive maintenance. Alongside smart products for rack-based power distribution, BACHMANN also supplies huge selections of basic PDUs.

Thanks to BlueNet, modern energy management in data centres is simple: Use our intelligent PDUs to structure, control and monitor your power supply system.

Safety, availability, energy-saving functions, automation … and all in the latest state of the art: today’s data centres have to meet requirements that are many and varied, not only in technical and legal terms, but also from the perspective of company stakeholders.

Alongside a huge selection of basic PDUs, BACHMANN also offers you complete solutions for rack-based power distribution in your data centre, in the form of the BlueNet BN2000 – BN7500 intelligent product series.

The BlueNet series contributes to greater availability and lower energy consumption in the data centre thanks to smart functions. It provides essential data for optimising power usage effectiveness (PUE). This enables you to effectively assess and optimise energy efficiency and costs, document peak loads and plan capacity more effectively. In short, you can now optimise the use of your resources. You can also take advantage of PDUs with residual current monitoring (RCM), which detect residual currents at an early stage and prevent downtimes, thus increasing your data centre’s availability.

Whether you’re using power distribution units (PDUs) that can be cascaded via Modbus, integrated AC/DC-sensitive residual current monitoring in accordance with type B, command line tools, or a rotating OLED display – these BlueNet features are pure high-tech. And there’s more: Our features represent safety and efficiency, and they can be integrated into DCIM systems. Join BACHMANN on this journey to a future of low resource consumption, minimum downtime and reduced operating costs. We support your business with intelligent solutions for modern energy management and we do everything to ensure that you will continue to use the latest and most advanced technologies in future. To do this, we develop standardised and customised products and systems.



Bachmann Type B Residual Current Monitoring