A local fast food chain

Facing high operating cost and limited space at high street food outlets


Customer Background

Our client is a famous local fast food chains with over hundreds of food outlets scattered all over Hong Kong. Like other retail operators, the client has faced the most common issues, high rent cost, limited space and short lease period.


Customer Comment

“Expensive high street rent and limited space are the most common issues. Thanks for the iDCmini, we saved huge cost in setting up server equipment and a lot of spaces which we could maximize the use of spaces for something else.”


Our Solution

To solve this issue, the client has deployed iDC Air-15 which is a tiny wall-mounted closet (no footprint required) with ventilation, dust and water protection, fire suppression, monitoring and UPS. It is designed specifically for saving spaces such as switches and cabling in a relatively low data port density environment.

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