A Global Buying Company from Germany

Facing High Chilled Water Cost or Cooling Issue


Customer Background

Our client is a buying and quality control company for the German head office. It is one of the largest German retailers, with a distribution network comprising around 950 own shops and more than 50,000 points of sales.

The client faces two major issues; High temperature (Up to 40°C) during weekends and high 7 x 24 chilled water cost. The client tries to tackle both issues by using a temporary cooling machine, but it results in water leakage and heat backflow issue.

Customer Comment

Huge cost saving on applying & running chilled water and renovation cost by using iDCmini. The payback period is just a few months!

– IT Supervisor


Our Solution

To solve the issues, the client has deployed iDCmini solution – 2 racks with cooling units for the server room; Deployment is fast as it only takes 2 days to complete the setup. This all-in-one datacenter solution helps to save a lot, not only on renovation cost but also the operational cost of chilled water in the long run.

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